Native Instruments Traktor Digital DJ

The latest Traktor Update

So the latest version of Native Instruments Traktor is here. Introducing Native Instruments Traktor 2.8.0. See our run through of the latest features and what it means for us IMPROVEMENTS AND NEW FEATURES 64-BIT APPLICATION ARCHITECTURE TRAKTOR PRO 2 is now available in 64-bit. In 64-bit, TRAKTOR PRO 2 can access all the available RAM […]


The Harlem Dake Shake Video

PartyPeoplePresents The Harlem Dake Shake (At The Red Lion, Shepshed)! Ok so we know it’s kinda cliche but we had a ball trying to get the party people from our flagship event SMASHED into recording a quick harlem shake. Turns out it wasn’t so quick – you try organising Smashed drunk people into NOT bouncing […]